Building A People... Serving the Whole Man


We are builders. At New Life International Family Church we believe every individual is unique and has something to offer in the upbuilding our church, our community, and the Kingdom of God. Build with us by Giving to NLIFC, Sharing NEW LIFE, and Growing at NLIFC .


We are servants. It’s important to devote time, treasure, and talent back to God. Service to God and service to others are an expressed part of our passion for Christ and for people.   Volunteer on a Ministry or take advantage of upcoming opportunities for Community Outreach.


We are an encounter. The essence of New Life International Family Church is not contingent upon a fancy logo or advertising, but in the experience and encounter each member/visitor has with Jesus Christ. It is important to have an encounter with Christ and be an encounter reflective of Christ.

Experience God at NLIFC...

We are more than a church! We represent a divine and unstoppable movement of God. The essence of NLIFC is not contingent upon a fancy logo, crest, or advertising but in the experience of our members and visitors.  If you are looking for an ENCOUNTER & EXPERIENCE WITH GOD, we welcome you to visit one of our services.

SUN Worship. View Times >>

9:30am EST – Intercessory Prayer
10:00am EST – Foundation Matters
11:15am EST – Morning Worship
5:00pm EST - Sunday Night LIVE

WED Worship. View Times >>

7:00pm EST – Intercessory Prayer
7:30pm EST – Power90 Bible Study

I Am The Way.

Accept Jesus Christ • Join a Bible-based Church • Grow & Serve

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